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Blendabilities Brushes Birthday Card


I usually try to have a blog post up on the same day as the corresponding YouTube video goes up on the Trinity Channel.  Sorry for the delay this week, here is the video for the card shown above.

I’m using a new product from Trinity Stamps- the blendability brushes.  I am so thrilled to have these brushes, they make blending so much easier than the foam pads I’ve used before.  There is no need to pounce the color off on a scrap piece of paper prior to adding it to your card- simply control the amount of color on your card by applying varying degrees of pressure- that’s it!  So use a light amount of pressure if you want a thin sheen of color and apply a large amount of pressure if you want a lot of color!

What’s new in this video is that I have used (what I call) a wet blending technique.  By mistake (a happy mistake) I cleaned off a brush and had residual water on it.  I started to blend using a wet brush and presto- not only did I get lovely blended color, but the paper expanded, just a little, in the areas I had applied color.  It’s difficult to see in the photos, but the white areas where I did not add color retained a tight, almost puffy, dimension when compared to the areas where I did add color.  Voila- puffy clouds!  Completely by accident!  I will definitely use this technique again and again.

I hope you will give the Trinity Stamps blendability brushes a try- they make blending truly effortless!

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