Catherine Pooler

Storing Catherine Pooler Mini Inks

I have difficulty using a product if I can’t physically see it from my desk- I tend to forget about it!  I wanted to figure out a better way to physically contain these adorable inks so that I would be sure to use them.  I don’t tend to swatch my inks unless I use them a lot (like distress oxides), but I do love the properties of the Catherine Pooler Inks and was impressed by how easy it was to stamp an image perfectly in one try.

I used business card protector pages- which fit the inks snuggly (they will not fall out) and then placed the swatch in the neighboring slots.  Using a binder ring to contain all the pages will allow me to keep them together easily.  Finally I made a mini swatch for each ink that might even be more helpful than the larger swatches I made and labeled each swatch with the Brother label maker.

Thanks for stopping by- I hope this was helpful!

Links to supplies used (affiliate links used at no extra cost to you):

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